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Invented by two-time WSOP bracelet winner Mel Judah, Cashout Poker offers a new level of flexibility to tournament poker players at all levels.

Cashout poker incorporates a unique payout structure that enables players to leave a tournament at any time and cash out their chips. Separate pools, a 'prize pool' and a 'cash out pool', enable this to happen.

Mel Judah

The Benefits for Casinos

  • A new and exciting concept that will attract all types of players to your card room.
  • Will bring players back who want to make a profit.
  • Players who are waiting to play cash games and have time on their hands may enter a Cashout Tournament.
  • Suits players who have limited time or prefer short sessions.
  • Pros who see the value of going all the way benefit whilst others are cashing out.
  • There will be more and more winners in your card room due to players having a choice.

The Benefits for Players

  • Cashout Poker will benefit strong players if they are deep into a tournament. This is because players will have the option to cash out early or play on depending on their chip position.
  • Weaker players that have accumulated a lot of chips early on will benefit by having the choice to cashout whenever they wish.
  • Cashout Poker also suits experienced players as the unique structure reduces the number of players you have to beat to win the tournament.
  • There are hundreds of reasons why you might not be able to finish the tournament. Work, dinner, a prior engagement or even tiredness. Cashout Poker offers you the chance to leave the tournament with a proportion of your winnings at any time.


"For players that love tournaments but without the restrictions that come with them Cashout Poker is a great innovation. Many players love tournament poker, many players love cash poker. What's not to love about Cashout Poker?" Joe Beevers (

"I can't tell you how many times I've had a lot of chips close to the money but ended up busting and getting nothing. Now with Mel's Cashout Poker idea, you really can take advantage of a good run early without having to maintain the focus you need to get deep in the money. It's fantastic!!" Andrew Scott

"I believe that this is a great idea and innovation for poker. We needed something different to attract more players . For me playing this way and making my own decision is great." Michele Limongi, The Italian Spice

"Some of the simplest ideas in the world are the best. Thanks Mel Judah for giving the poker community a new exciting spin on poker tournaments which will benefit both the hardcore professional player as well as the beginner. I really believe that Cashout Poker is a great invention that will be a poker industry standard in the future." Anthony Chatelain

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About Cashout Poker
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